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Gastronesia Chapter II: Morning After

Bon Papa opened his mouth to tell Omnom what he just heard, but nary a syllable was uttered when a thunderous voice split the party’s chatter into low murmurs. It was Mayor Shunjaya, who had apparently recovered—at least on the surface—from his drunken stupor.

“Welcome, honoured guests! We have gathered here to feast, and feast we shall! Now, without much ado, we shall start! Let us eat!”

And they did. Eat, they did.

The Morning After

Ring. Ring. Ring. Click.

“Did you..”


“Bon Papa, we have to…”

“I know.”

There is no known cure for this. You can’t tell anybody. The media will, as far as the information goes, eat you alive. Nobody will trust you anymore.

You have lost your sense of taste.

There is no hope now, not unless… Unless you find out who’s behind all this. There is no way these things are coincidences. Those who did this would most likely have an antidote. Perhaps go back to the scene of the crime… Find out who’s been affected. Anything, anything at all to heal these cursed tongues.


As a team, investigate who did this and if it is linked to Bon Papa’s defamation of character years ago.

Find a way to cure self without anyone knowing the fact that you lost your sense of taste.

  1. Bon papa: “eh yo, Omnom, remember who served the food to you yesterday? Well, it doesn’t matter. It must be him, that evil mayor. He must be behind this. I’m know candyman pretty well maybe I could get some information about this issue.”

    As Bon papa ends the call, he went over to grab his robe before leaving his house for work. As he walk out of the house, the only sound that can heard is the jiggling of the butler’s key that he had pick pocketed from during the event.

    • It was evening, and Bon Papa had just got off work. It was difficult, avoiding anyone who was trying to get him to critique a new dish. ‘Better find a cure soon’, he thought bitterly.

      Deciding to visit Candyman, and sneaking into the Town Hall later at night to check out the so-called ‘wine cellar’ that the Mayor disappeared into yesterday using the keys, he walked down the Centra Street where Candyman Confectionery is located.

      Knock knock.

      Hurried footsteps were heard, and Candyman’s plump face appeared at the door. “Well, if it isn’t Bon Papa! Come in, come in! What a pleasant surprise!”

      Bon Papa stepped in and was welcomed to Candyman Confectionery’s ice cream parlour. It’s dark, and the shop was closing up- all the patrons had left. After all, it’s past dinner time now.

      Candyman sat down with Bon Papa. “Can I get you anything? Pistachio ice cream with chocolate chunks? Dessert before main course, I always say. Oh, what are you here for, anyways? Anything I can help you with?”

      Bon Papa took a deep breath before answering…

  2. I roasted some mutton without any flavourings and added a few drops of truth serum to it.
    Omnom: “Hey Lupita Narita, my chefs just came up with a new recipe for roasted duck! I know you are a big fan of the roasted ducks in my shop so i thought of letting you try before it’s available for everyone! I am on my way to your place now!”

    • “Ooh, yes please, would love to! Come over anytime!” The chirpy voice at the end of the line answered.

      ‘Even her voice sounds glittery-pink, like her glitzy get-up last night,’ Omnom remarks inwardly.

      Half an hour later, Omnom knocks on Narita’s door. The door swings in and Narita practically drags Omnom to her dining room.

      “So, so, so, excited to taste this! Let me get a carving knife from the back, will you?” She smiles, saccharine-sweet and turns her back towards Omnom.

      She comes back seconds later bringing a large carving knife. Cutting the meat and placing a generous portion in front of her and Omnom’s plates, she dug in and chewed her way through it in the blink of an eye. “Mmm.. delicious as always, though I have to say, a little on the bland side, isn’t it? Well, many are going au naturel these days so kudos for being always up-to-date with the trends, Omnom!”

      She put her fork down and said, “Are you here for something else, though? One doesn’t bring meals like this to others’ house without any special favours to ask!”

      • “Yeah! We wanted to try a special menu for people who wants to try natural taste! Hahah, i just wanted to share this special menu and have a chat with you!” I said with a smile and looked around at the servants standing at the side.

        • [OOC] Yayu is the meat you gave Narita the ‘mutton without flavorings with the truth serum’ or the ‘roasted duck’ you said you were gonna give her? HAHA I’m so sorry I just realized the difference

          • [OOC] Omg sorry HAHA I forgot i changed to mutton. It’s roasted mutton. So sorry about it!

  3. “Hi candyman, I believe you knew what was going on and the purpose of my visit. Cut the crap. You were one of them aren’t you? We were friends for so long and how could you do such a thing?! No…… I don’t believe it… SHIT! You bloody traitor…”
    After a long pause of slience, “Where’s your daughter nina?”
    Candyman kept quiet with his head down. As tears started forming in his eyes…