in Lore

Gastronesia is not particularly advanced on its transportation technology. Due to all resources being focused on gastronomy-related research and development, Gastronesia had been relying on imported transportation technology.

Cars are only recently developed and imported from the Western countries. These cars are the most common form of transportation used. Only the upper middle class and richer have these, as income gap is severe. These vehicles are still in development and thus need constant maintenance which the poor cannot afford.

A car parked in Centra Street.

A car parked in Centra Street.


Assembling the car – picture taken in a foreign factory.

For long-distance travel, train is the most common transport. Tickets are sold dirt cheap for the economy class to accomodate commoners, while the business class are reserved for food critics, chefs, and the likes. First class is only for the royalty and, occasionally, their companions.


Steam engine is used for Gastronesian trains.