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Art History: Week IV Journal

“What did the rest of you find most interesting in today‚Äôs excellent presentation on the Hindu Temple?”

Presentation-wise, I find the interactivity interesting. The significance of the jasmine scent, banana fruit-offering, and panorama of the temple contributes an element of fun and yet remains relevant and educational.

Content-wise, I am most intrigued by how dedicated the people are to their gods/goddesses. Washing of deities with milk and water, the puja, giving offerings, all these things remind me how the goddess Sri Mariamman is as real to them as the deity of my own religion is real to me. I also get reminded of how in Western Art History, the majority of art created in the Renaissance in Italy was religious art. I guess the belief in supernatural is often strong enough to motivate individuals into doing art- e.g. architecture such as temples and cathedrals.

Digressing a little bit, I wonder what motivates artmaking in the modern world. Most art that I see nowadays comes in the form of commercial design -although I’m sure other people might argue otherwise. But if this is true, does that mean the material world is what we worship now? I might be making a lot of sweeping statements here, but you see, I was just wondering. I was reading Mammon Inc. the other day, and I feel that it explores a similar theme (besides many other themes). It was a great read. I’m digressing again, I should probably stop.