in Process

Initial sketches and research on how to best do the typography.

1. Scaredy cat- I am easily scared.20160216_011950-2


Listing down initial concepts

2. Saturday – I love having fun and having a good time, I love weekends, I love Saturdays.20160216_012011-2

3. East because I’m Asian, and also because I believe the East is the most auspicious of all directions for some reason.

4. Huggable. Hugs are the best. I love hugging people and I love people hugging me.

5. Writer. I write for fun and to vent emotions. I have to admit I do miss writing literature essays.20160216_012035-2

1b- Scaredy cat trial 2. Less eyes and tail, more reminiscent shapes instead of obvious figurative ones.

4b. Huggable – more pillowlike, squishy and voluminous.


Trial for tea drinker – swirly typography to emulate Twinings brand. I also tried making a woman figure with the letters of my name, but besides being unreadable, it depicts a wooman–which is the problem. I had to reduce the figurative elements, which is the hardest part of this task.20160216_012110-2