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Lore V: Gastronesian Celebration

Of many feasts that are thrown in the Gastronesia, only few could compete with the grandeur of McMalin Day, which is held annually on 9th September. It is the day that the legendary pill was released to the public. One could hardly remember what happened three hundred years ago, as there were very little record of that magical day due to the craze that swept the nation which drove everybody into euphoria, thus reducing productive hours greatly in the first few days. However, it is still widely celebrated due to its importance in changing the course of history.

Below are examples of the few records and mentions of the day that survived until now.

“9th September 1653 – The release of pills to the public will be a day to remember for all.” –The Batavya Post

“My sister has just been taken away. The last words I heard from her was ‘I could taste everything.. I could taste nitrogen in the air… It’s horrible! Brother!’ as they dragged her out of sight. I think she might have bought the pills released today… ” –Diary entry, an unknown civilian

These diary entries are obviously disregarded as official history records due to their personal nature and dubious recounts. They are archived in the public library in the Restricted Section which will require personal identification to access.

Besides the McMalin Day, Food Festivals are held annually throughout the year, such as:

Apple Pie Anniversary, Bread Bazaar, Curry Carnival, Durian Day, Éclair Event, Foie Gras Fiesta, Gelato Gala, High Tea Holiday, Jackfruit Jubilee, Karnivore Karnival, Meringue Memorial Day, Oyster Occasion, Pasta Parade, Rice Rave, Seafood Spectacle, Tartlet Teatime, and Under-appreciated Pastry’s Underground Party.