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Lore VI: Gastronesian Entertainment

The entertainment industry flourishes in Gastronesia. Due to the country’s richest having extra money to spend at their leisure, the recent years saw a big boom in the industry.

A typical Gastronesian Saturday would involve a feast of some sort at any possible time of the day, perhaps a drink at the local bar, and going to a nearby theatre in the evening. The feast could be a luncheon at a friends’ place, a fancy dinner with a significant other at a quaint little gourmet restaurant, or a simple brunch at that little café down the street with work friends. Theatre is a popular entertainment, especially for the upper middle class. It originated from a Gastronesian tradition of re-enacting scenes from the religious narrative back when the country held the belief that a God must be worshipped. Shadow puppet was also another form of theatre that the Gastronesians used to enjoy in. However, as international influences set in, Gastronesians abandoned these archaic art forms and turned towards a globally popular entertainment, namely musical theatre. A Gastronesian play would usually revolve around the country’s strong sentiments towards gastronomy. Bayashura has a few local theatres, but the capital of Gastronesia, the city of Batavya, is the centre of all things theatrical. Many had come to see “Omelette” (pronounced Ahm-lett) by Shaks Peer, or “The Fandom of the Restaurant” by Androo Loytte-Wehbar.

Citizens listen to radio on a daily basis. Those who could only afford this kind of entertainment are the lower middle to low-class citizens. The most popular bands currently is Potato Spirit and The Dainty Cakes, two jazz bands whose song lyrics echoes the sentiments of the country, such as delight at the upcoming Gelato Gala or High Tea Holiday.