in Process

The Zine brief requires us to put together the foundation’s years work in a 8pp saddle stitched booklet.

As this is my first attempt at using Adobe InDesign properly, I was excited to learn it. To be honest, it is very similar to the other Adobe programs especially Illustrator, what with the same shortcuts and similar interface. So I guess I wasn’t starting from scratch here.

I decided to select 2 of my 2D projects, namely “Ego” and “Point of View”, to be put into my zine. The two projects are hand-illustrated in the same style, and are similar especially in the linework quality. I have also used my original marbling texture as a background for both illustrations. Thus, I feel that both projects are related to each other in terms of style.

Moreover, the “Ego” subject matter is myself, and thus I had illustrated young girls in the illustration, each of them representing aspects of myself required by the “Ego” brief.   The other project, “Point of View” had required me to consider different, interesting point of views on the subject of young girls. Thus, through the subject matter, I feel that these two projects relate to each other in that they both discuss young girls from both what I think young girls are viewed as, and the life of a young girl (namely me, although I’m not sure if I can still be considered ‘a young girl’ anymore).