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I printed my black-and-white mockup to test the format and make sure the spreads are arrange the right way. It turned out fine, but I realised some of the transparencies did not come out right in the printed version. Furthermore, there were some fonts that are too thin to be readable, and too light in colour to have a noticeable contrast with the background.

After editing accordingly, it’s time to print and saddle stitch the 2 copies!

And the finished product.

I have to say, I enjoy the process quite a lot. I found a style that fits my aesthetics and my artworks. To be honest, I feel that sometimes I have a tendency to look at lots of other people’s work that incorporates flat colour blocking, soft pastel shades, and photography, thinking “Wow, I’d like to do something like that.” However, whenever I try to do something similar, I ended up amping up the saturation and/or not liking the result. I mean, I still could do those things, but I guess I learn to embrace that although I appreciate other people’s styles, I still like saturated colours and a pop-art look the most. That’s my turf (at least as of right now). So that’s my takeaway from this project. Cheers!