in Final Project


For my final project, I was thinking of a display that people can play with. The reason for this is that I feel like we could have more fun in our lives, and that could potentially be done by capitalising on dull waiting times. These waiting times could be when waiting for public transport, such as in the MRT or Bus.

I took inspiration from the dinosaur clicking game done by Google Chrome. The game can be played offline when there is no internet connection available and the page fails to load.

This game made waiting fun, and I thought these types of retro games could be interesting if placed on MRT platforms or Buses. Furthermore, for people meeting up with others on MRT platforms, this could also make longer waiting time bearable. However, I am not sure if sound should be available for these as it may be annoying to other users.

Pong and Tetris




My second idea is an interactive window that people canĀ utilize for identifying the MRT’s position when the MRT is moving. It is targeted for people who are sitting in the MRT or listening to the music, such that users do not miss their stops especially on peak hours.


The third idea is inspired by street art and the law concerning it in Singapore. Street art needs permission in Singapore as is stated by the law. Some thinks that it could ruin Singapore’s clean and pristine image, while others think that this means self-expression is forbidden and Singapore is not open-minded enough. There is also the issue of cost of cleaning street art. For this public installation, I hope to install interactive touchscreen on which people can contribute to “digital” street art. This could be a channel for people and artists’ creativity.

There are issues, perhaps, regarding content monitoring to ensure that content by the people is not blatantly offensive. Looking at Singapore culture, I hope that it is not likely to happen, but there still should be a mechanism to prevent it from happening. Perhaps the system can be reset every week, or depending on response, every day.