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In this post, I will talk about the user overview and personas for Varoom magazine.

General Overview


  • 18-30 years old
  • Young professionals or students, or graduates with some disposable income and relatively time rich. Perhaps upper middle class.


  • Internet and design savvy, and most importantly have aspirations to work in a creative industry.
  • They would have their collections of magazines on display (perhaps on coffee tables). Preference for the interesting as opposed to ‘basic’/ boring/ conventionally beautiful.
  • They would be familiar with street fashion, indie music, contemporary literature, and artsy festival scene as well as coffee houses.

Why they purchase Varoom:

  • Knowledge – it is created by illustration and industry experts. They might want it for insights.
  • In-depth interviews would serve as inspiration
  • They also view illustration as an art form, and not only for its aesthetics.

Psychographic of Little White Lies magazine, for reference:

Significant amount of free time, into more cerebral leisure activities
such as art, liberal politics, independent culture. Most likely
to come from a cosmopolitan urban area. Maybe have a flat with
stripped wood floors.

Adapted verbatim from here



by Allef Vinicius

This is Brenda. She is a 28-year old graphic designer working for a magazine in New York.

She lives with her 2 close friends in an apartment. She owns a cat and plays the violin. Brenda sleeps in on Saturday mornings and enjoys well-made TV shows for its artistic value. She read (not watched) Life of Pi, and cried.

Brenda is interested in street fashion and has a quirky style of her own. She knows how many cocktails get her drunk. She likes her coffee black, but sneakily adds in Splenda sometimes.

Word list: creative, youthful, energetic, ambitious, intellectual, streetsmart, relaxed


This is Alan. He is a 37-years old human resources manager. He is bound to be chief director next year.

He lives with his wife, with their 3-year old boy. Latte in hand, he regularly drops his kid at school on the way to work. His company requires him to take a business trip once every two months. He gets a longer leave at the end of the year, at which point he takes his family on road trips.

Alan has been going to the same tailor for years. He likes his water ice cold, and his showers brisk. He drinks wine for the taste.

Word list: efficient, thoughtful, timely, routine, focused