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Will show ankle for five minutes of wireless

Life of a Tattoo Artist

A Tattoo Artist story To the public eye, tattoos are a taboo. The idea of leaving a permanent visual on one’s skin doesn’t favour with most people. But how many people see beyond the intimidating visuals and instead see fine artistry with a needle? How often do we stereotype these artists from their trade and instead see them as living… Read more →

My thoughts on ’52 Procent’

52 PROCENT I feel like there’s a strange connection between the definition of beautiful, perfection and proportional in this film. There are difficult expressions like fear, tension, pain and extreme weariness throughout. ’52 Procent’ shows the ambitions of a young girl who aspires to be a ballerina and works hard for it because she is 0.4 less proportionate than perfection. At the entrance… Read more →

Week 1: Interactive Devices

Experience Mobile Mobile A gigantic interactive chandelier/mobile that plays Christmas jingles. To add a little xmas spice to the mix, anyone could go online, compose and play their own jingle (and enjoy annoying the hell out of people waiting around in the reception). This was achieved by playing the thing live, using your computer keyboard from a web browser. Mobile… Read more →

Final Assignment: Breathing Bags

Hello guys! Breathing bags is an art installation mainly made out of ordinary plastic bags. Controlled by Arduino, each of them is selectively inflated and deflated in turn by two cooling fans. The outline shows the Singapore map, where the green bags marks the Nature Reserves in Singapore Also, thanks Kamarul and Adar for the pictures and everyone for helping… Read more →

Perfect Pitch

Hello, It’s me again. For this week, our task is to prepare three (3) potential idea-topics as part of the ‘perfect pitch’ assignment. As mentioned/presented last week, my first 2 ideas are: For the individual project, I am thinking of doing a project that can bring attention to the environmental issues associated with plastic bags. It will be an installation of… Read more →

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