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Thoughts on The English Surgeon

Here are some of my thoughts after watching ‘The English Surgeon’ – Structure – Linear structure : the events seems to be unfolding in time. For example, it shows the journey where Henry Marsh was approached and he travels to Ukraine and the story starts to unfold from there. – There is also no confusion between ambiguity and lack of… Read more →

Life of a Tattoo Artist

A Tattoo Artist story To the public eye, tattoos are a taboo. The idea of leaving a permanent visual on one’s skin doesn’t favour with most people. But how many people see beyond the intimidating visuals and instead see fine artistry with a needle? How often do we stereotype these artists from their trade and instead see them as living… Read more →

My thoughts on ’52 Procent’

52 PROCENT I feel like there’s a strange connection between the definition of beautiful, perfection and proportional in this film. There are difficult expressions like fear, tension, pain and extreme weariness throughout. ’52 Procent’ shows the ambitions of a young girl who aspires to be a ballerina and works hard for it because she is 0.4 less proportionate than perfection. At the entrance… Read more →

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