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Final Assignment: Breathing Bags

Hello guys! Breathing bags is an art installation mainly made out of ordinary plastic bags. Controlled by Arduino, each of them is selectively inflated and deflated in turn by two cooling fans. The outline shows the Singapore map, where the green bags marks the Nature Reserves in Singapore Also, thanks Kamarul and Adar for the pictures and everyone for helping… Read more →

The waste of plastic

So here’s my documentation of Interactive Spaces’ Installation – ‘The waste of plastic’. I ended up following through the idea of plastic waste, which I spent the entire recess week searching for used & smelly plastic bags from wet markets. I chose wet markets over supermarkets because of what I observed – Buyers from wet markets often use more than… Read more →

Analog Project: Plastic Bags

Have you ever wonder what happens when we throw plastic bags away? Have you ever heard of this phrase: Reuse, reduce & recycle? I know that you have heard it a thousand times, but it’s really a good way to protect our environment today. Fortunately, more and more people today shows up to the supermarket/stores with tote bags. This concept came… Read more →

Mini Assignment 2: ADM+FX

The theme of this mini assignment 2 is to create site specific augmented walk. We were given the example by Alter Banhof’s The video walk. One of the requirements was to not create a film with narrative and voice over. My concept is to create and add something special to the space that we are all familiar with. Using visual effects, I… Read more →

Draft idea 1: Fish tank goggles

In week 4 of Interactive Spaces class, we were tasked to come out with devices that can alter our physical senses. My first instinct was to create something that have to do with the sense of sight among all the 5 senses. I got inspired by some of the examples of  ‘See yourself sensing’ book by Madeline Schwartzman. My first idea: Fish… Read more →

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