Final Project Pitch – Wearable with lights


Emoi’s Smart Lamp Speaker – ¬†Speaker + Lamp + Speakerphone + Alarm.

Smart Lamp

With reference to Emoi’s Smart Lamp Speaker, I have decided to make an interactive DIY lamp for my Final Project.

The main objective of this lamp is to be able to react by changing colours or brightness and respond to sounds in response to its environment.

smart lamp

Some of the features includes:

Able to change different modes for different situations.

  • Changing of RGB colours randomly (Strobe Mode)
  • Reacts to sound/music (Using Microphone)

For example, in a party scenario, where loud music are played. It can reacts accordingly to the amplitude of the music to add an aesthetic response to the environment.

  • Reacts to temperature (Using Temperature sensor)

Once the room or the environment turns cold, for example with aircon or outdoors, it can change colour from glowing red to blue for example.

  • Reacts to light (using light meter)

Automatically turns on the lamp once the main light is switched off.

  • A real-time clock that acts as an alarm where every hour, the lights will be light up.


Some of the possible implementations of this project –

  1. Light Umbrella












2. Light shoe

3. Jackets

4. Bags



18th October – Get ready all the materials needed and experiment with the sensors

25th Oct – Start building the power circuit of the lights

1st Nov РFirst prototype ready ( build the DIY product)  and test the lights and reactions

7th Nov -More testing and finally finished the final product


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