‘Grater Alarm Clock’ update

Hi guys,

Here’s an update for my final project for the semester.

Grater Alarm Clock


As seen in the sketch, there will be 2 main objects in my alarm clock. One of which is the Grater and the other object will be something to grate with. I am thinking of using food, like carrot, onions and cucumber etc.


Servo motor (to move the carrot to the grater)
Light dependent resistor (to sense light/sunrise)
Real-time clock (to detect the time and sunrise)
LCD (to present the time and a wake up message)
Grater (for the carrot to grate)
Carrot (or any other food)
Wood or acrylic for the box


‘Rise with the sun’

Basically, the real-time clock will calculate the sunrise in Singapore which is around 7.13am. It will then activate the servo motor and move the carrot along with it, making some grating sounds. The user then wakes up.

In the event that it is a gloomy morning where there are no light, the program will wait for 10mins after 7.13am which is 7.23am and it will activate the servo motor and proceeds to wake up the user.


I am thinking of either using wood or acrylic to make a box for the alarm clock and to hide the wires behind it. There should be a good position for the light sensor to sense the light properly.

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