My thoughts on ’52 Procent’


I feel like there’s a strange connection between the definition of beautiful, perfection and proportional in this film. There are difficult expressions like fear, tension, pain and extreme weariness throughout. ’52 Procent’ shows the ambitions of a young girl who aspires to be a ballerina and works hard for it because she is 0.4 less proportionate than perfection.
52 Procent

At the entrance exam to the ballet school, the young girls are measured, stretched and even their weight and height are being idealised. It shows the tension where it seems as if the girls dignity are at stake here, whether they will be deemed perfect and useful in this perfect ballerina world.

At the scene where Alla is home with her mum, the shots are very intimate and raw where it seems as if there are no script and acting involved. We get to see the relationship between Alla and her Mum. How tough the exercises are and how much hard work that she put into it to achieve her dream.

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