The waste of plastic

So here’s my documentation of Interactive Spaces’ Installation –

‘The waste of plastic’.

I ended up following through the idea of plastic waste, which I spent the entire recess week searching for used & smelly plastic bags from wet markets. I chose wet markets over supermarkets because of what I observed –

  1. Buyers from wet markets often use more than 1 plastic, to cover the wet fishes, meat etc.
  2. They think that it is not hygienic to reuse tote bags (or maybe they find it troublesome to wash it)
  3. They do not even reuse the plastic bags for bins etc as it is dirty.

And so on..

Therefore, ‘The waste of plastic’ is to¬†bring attention to the environmental issues associated with plastic bags.
This installation was to show how plastic bags with colorful, eye-catching advertising are appealing at first but eventually begin looking decrepit when dumped in the trash and left to decompose.

Here’s my video:

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