Weekly Device: SafeWallet

SafeWallet is a secure wallet and the first anti-theft and anti-loss wallet around the world. You will never lose it.

How it works:

SafeWallet is a real wallet which integrates motion sensor, light sensor, and BLE chipset. It has following functions:

1. Anti-theft

If a thief wants to steal wallet from your pocket or bag, your wallet will beep loudly and your phone will ring loudly to remind you. Also the thief will be scared by the loud beep and stops the stealing. So you can take back the wallet easily. There is only 1 second delay between the stealing and alarm.

2: Anti-loss

If you leave your wallet behind, your phone will ring to let you know. If you leave your phone behind, your wallet will beep to let you know. Your wallet and your phone will now be responsible for each other. If you spend the whole weekend staying at home, you can disable anti-loss function by App’s No Disturb Mode. In addition, SafeWallet comes with a free App for your phone, which records the time and place when you last lost the SafeWallet.

3: Locating your wallet

If you misplace your wallet, you can use the App to make your wallet ring. With a loud buzzer sound at a volume of over 90dB, you will have no trouble hearing it, even as far as 10 meters away. To allow for a more accurate hunt, the App will also show you the distance between your phone and your wallet.

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