Typography Research

For my research, I looked a lot at a lot of Behance post because I wanted my work to look more editorial and polished. Thus, most of my inspiration came from ad agencies or graphic designers. All of it is done through photography, sketching, and making use of Adobe illustrator and photoshop.

  1. I am a caffeine addict.


I wanted to do something for my love of coffee. My coffee addiction is a big part of my personality (I have an addictive personality, if you notice all of the namecards are based off on an addiction of sorts). I realised there had already been a lot of typography using coffee beans.

Then, I saw this gorgeous typography by Mohamed Reda for the new year:


This was done using Photoshop, Vray, and 3D Studio Max. I thought, why not have a coffee making factory to represent my caffeine addiction. So I sketched it.


And then put it on illustrator where it was really flat.Research

After that, in photoshop.
Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.31.55 am

And then finally, after everything was given shadow and re-touched.
CV1 copy

I was quite pleased with how this turned out. It is probably the one that took the longest, second to the music lover piece. It’s quite obvious that I used the coffee machine up above as the main source of inspiration for the colour and the look. The shiny chrome dials and meter, the red matte-but-slightly-glossy paint, and the black accents.

2. I am a potato fanatic

This was fun to do since I have never done food typography before. I knew I had to have a base though so I traced out a C and a V on just regular A4 paper. I knew it was going to get oily so I didn’t want to use some expensive paper since I was going to photoshop it away.


Laying down the French Fries was easy. It was trying to get the light to work with me that was not. Since the only time I could do it was after school, the sun had already set and my room’s artificial light was not working to my advantage. My inspiration for this piece has already been featured in a previous post but I’ll put it up just to showcase the artist and the work.


By Danielle Evans and Allan Peters for The Washington Post.


The rest of the items were just from my house that I took photos of. And then I put them together.


Finally, I get to eat my fries and give potatoes a fitting tribute through this piece.

3. I am a bookworm

If you ask any of my close friends, they’ll tell you I’m a big nerd. I like to answer questions during class, I like to write essays (only when I’m not hungover, jk) and I love reading. My father has given me a book for my birthday AND Christmas. I do not know if that’s sad or affectionate.

Anyway, books are amazing, in my humble opinion. I’d say that most form of writing are. The love for the written word began when I was really young. In secondary school, I was scolded a lot for reading novels in class when I’m supposed to be paying attention. Hey, can’t blame me if I find fictional worlds with awesome magical characters more interesting than covalent bonds. But that’s a story for another day.

For this, I had to Google book typography and this is the first one to come out. It looked really clean and it just made you focus on the formation of the words. The perspective also makes it seem like you’re the one reading it.



So I (my sister) took a photo of my notebook and then with a little photoshop magic, using words from my own creative writing assignment…



4. I am a music lover

Music got me through the toughest times in my life (that and comedy). To get me in a good mood, one only has to play me a kickass song. Preferably gangsta rap, alternative rock or old jazz.

I wanted to highlight that part of my personality with the sleekness and feel of vinyl. An image that provided a big base for the image I finally came up with was this. A stock photo of a vinyl record.


I thought of putting my name on the album cover until I realised if you flipped the image, the vinyl record looks like it’s a C.

So instead, I reconstructed the image using the pen and shape tool by making a flat base before giving it depth in Photoshop.


I went with a brighter colour scheme because most of my work used pastels. I wanted to suggest that life is brighter with music.


And then for the final piece, I added my headphones, something that I personally own and use with regards to music.

And that’s it. In hindsight, even though I was content with my work, I was so impressed with my classmates’ pieces. All of them put in a lot of effort and it showed. Their work motivate me to work harder on my next assignment.

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