Week 6

I don’t think I did well for my visual analysis but that’s in the past. Time to move forward and do my best for the upcoming research paper. Yesterday, I went to the library and checked all the books regarding Chinese art.

Since most of the books are on reserve, you can only borrow them for 2 hours maximum. This gives you time to photocopy or scan, which I had a horrible time doing because the machines were all just working against me.

Anyway, I decided I’ll be completing my bibliography, reading, and essay outline by this weekend so I will not be swamped with work and then overly anxious before submission time.

One thought on “Week 6

  1. I am glad to hear that I am not the only person in ADM who has bad photocopy machine Karma! So, what did you find for your bibliography? Do you have your 3 different sources?

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