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Exploring Automatic Drawing & Andre Masson


One of the first techniques I explored was automatic drawing. I researched on how artists went about this technique and Andre Mason stood out to me as he was one of the pioneers of automatic drawing. As it was not possible for me to force myself into “a reduced state of consciousness” under time constraints, I listened to different kinds of music to get myself in different moods and tried my own automatic drawings. Before doing so, I also referred to examples of automatic drawing from Masson to get a sense of the different lines I could try when doing my drawings. Above is a drawing I did when I listened to music with an ethereal feel.

Andre Mason01

andre mason02IMG_6649

Similarly, I did this drawing while listening to rather upbeat and magical music.



I did this while listening to something heavier and with sharper beats,



I did this while listening to something fast and sharp.



I did this while listening to something that made me focused. I felt like this could be used for systematic.


As I experimented with different media, I applied the technique of automatic drawing to create abstract patterns. Above, I mixed paint and glue to get a glossy effect that would make the paint slightly translucent and have a “bubble” effect. With the idea of spontaneous in mind, I quickly painted balls in a playful manner to show the feeling of them rapidly shooting out.
IMG_6480I also used water colourĀ and applied the automatic drawing technique to create an image straight out of my mind. I created this flowy and strange looking ink blot pattern. I thought it looked quite sinister with the way the ink creeps out like tentacles from the sides. The blurry effect created by using a wet on wet technique makes it look very vague at the same time, adding to the sinister effect.