in Final Project

Project Update 01

After looking through Prof Galina’s book on textures and fabrics, I got inspired and did a sketch of my costume. I really like the look of burnt plastic meshed together so I decided to incorporate that element in my costume design.


On Thursday, I decided to work with the top part of the costume which is made completely out of duct tape. I started out by making strips before joining them together. I started out with coloured tape since I wanted to reserve the black tape for wrapping the whole piece. Prof Galina also showed me how to make cuts to shape the top to fit my body better. After making the cut, I would overlap the piece and pin it before taping it to create a pop-out effect.



Things to do for next week:

  • Test out electronics on Monday
  • Finish the duct tape top on Monday
  • Iron out plastic on Tuesday

  1. Fantastic Charlene! I can see you are going through a very precise process of putting together your costume, I look forward to the results. And that was very helpful to include next steps in your Project Update.

  2. Fantastic idea to use materials that are very different but yet very effective.Welcome to the exciting world of using heat to create new hot textiles!I am very curious to see the resolts.
    Just make sure you use baking parchment to cover your plastic before you use the hot iron. Try layeing several piesesvaryously yellow plastics into a small sheat of baking parchment, lay onother sheat of baking parchment on top and iron slowly and continuously with hot iron for approximately one minute. the plastic will melt and stick to it self. While the piece is hot you can stretch and shape it. You should weare gloves if you are handling the hot plastic.If you like to achieve the ,,lacy efect ” you need to hold the iron longer , and constantly check for the resolt.Have Fun!Don;t forget to bring the baking parchment, we do not have any at B-17.