in Final Project

Project Update 02

Documentation of the skirt making so far…


I tried out the method of melting plastic together by laying plastic over one another and ironing it out using a layer of baking paper.


Collected different shades of yellow and red plastic and tore them into pieces.


I proceeded to stretch the plastic and crumple it up to get the “vein-like” patterns before ironing them together.


I also tried melting plastics of the same colour together but thought that the mixed one looked better.


I also left the iron on longer to create holes and more veins in the plastic mesh.


I proceeded to use the heat gun to melt the plastic further and burn more holes

  1. Very strong visual quality. I really like abstract nature of your costume, the vivid colors over the black. It’s like a painting. I look forward to seeing how it will work with your movement. If you haven’t yet connected with Angeline for your Skype session, you should do so. Just send her an email.

    Excellent work.