in Zine (Final)

Zine Final “Re: load”



I started this zine by questioning the relevance of making a physical zine when there were so many e zines available online. I also realised that when I read online zines, I tend to spend time loading pages and my eyes would focus intensely on the loading symbol. This was something that I previously did not experience with physical reading materials, thus I thought it would interesting to juxtapose the idea of loading with a physical zine.


Something so subtle that most of us probably do not realise would then be better realised through this zine in its physical representation of it.

I deliberately chose vanilla matte paper and blew up the size of the symbol to give the first impression of a minimalist pattern book. This makes┬áthe realisation that the viewer has been flipping through a loading sign all the more subtle and make them actually follow through the process of waiting for the information to load. This is slowly revealed by the small loud colorful cut outs with “click-bait”-like messages that contrast with the look of the traditional minimalist book. This also mimics the “click-bait” experience as it distracts them from the bottom message that says “TURN TO PAGE 10 TO SKIP ADS”. Most people only turn to Page 10 after flipping through all the click-baits, effectively fulfilling the purpose of click-baits. Moreover, when the viewer does realise that it was a loading sign all along, they expect content to load only to be disappointed that the connection has timed out. Thus, this brings in the idea of whether having actual meaningful content in a zine is necessary or not, given that many people buy magazines for the covers and may not even read them.


  1. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <— the abuse of punctuation shows how much I love this zine