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Ecopark adventures

The visit to the ecopark gave many good opportunities to try out the Hasselblad especially given the good weather and vibrant colours around. I edited my photos based on how I remembered those scenes looked like. The original positives turned out rather desaturated with an orange cast. I adjusted the levels, saturation and masked the leaves to adjust the colour of the sky to bring out the blue before editing the leaves to bring out the green I saw. Perhaps, it may look a little fake but I do believe that was how the actual scene looked like that day.

okay, maybe a bit too much editing here but since Dyan was overcast here given that I took this facing the sunlight. However, I still wanted to make his face to pop up against the background so after lots of masking and adjusting of curves and levels ( I admit I brightened up the eyes, added some lip tint, enhanced the highlights…), this happened. DYAN DON’T KILL ME.

Below are the other shots I took that day which I have yet to edit. I chose to edit the above two to practise editing greens and sky as well as people. I really liked how I was able to capture everyone as I don’t usually take pictures of people so it was really refreshing!

ecopark03before ecopark09before ecopark08before ecopark07before ecopark06before ecopark05before ecopark04before