POV final: I am a Buddhist

My POV finals clearly look quite inconsistent in terms of style but I guess the idea of playing with different perspectives of Buddhism is there…(I hope). While I initially wanted to follow and build on the cut-&-paste style from the previous project, I realised the style would not fit the concept for my POVs so I dropped it (for now heh). Tackling the topic of religion, a sensitive topic, calls for a more “de-personalised” style. In the sense, I wanted to remove the feeling of a personal style which might affect the way my works would be perceived. AKA if I did it in a cut & paste manner, it might unintentionally seem like I’m being very aggressive with my subject matter (and the thing is I kind of am but not with Buddhism but with some Buddhists) By going for a more general “advertising” (maybe?) style, I hope to be able to tone down the look a bit so that people can look at it in a more rational manner and I kinda wanted it to be somewhat subtle (like advertisements) even though the messages are pretty much the very opposite of subtle.

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Typographic Portrait (Final)

Sem 2 AKA Return of the TRA$Hbin

My final series may be the most confusing thing cause a sudden change in ideas resulted in me dropping quite a few supposed “finals” and creating new “finals” on the spot. Anyway, I guess its for the better that I dropped the prostitute series since it fits better with the next assignment (hell, it’s actually made for the next assignment!). So the concept I had for this series ended up being about a typographic portrait series of how I felt now (aka while doing the project) and I wanted it to be really raw looking and spontaneous so the set-up looked like I just hanged them up like I was hanging laundry (complete with raffia string and metal hooks) but for added trashiness, over a the garbage bin! Okay, on a more serious note, it was for added context too since I wanted it to look like it could belong anywhere you find on the streets like even when you take out trash you will see it. I like direct expression so I admit it was cheap, no frills, no fakery, and it was done quickly. At the same time, I want it to look like anyone can do it (find a random piece of cardboard or rough paper lying around and just write out what they feel) but its a matter of whether you choose to or not so its sort of like encouraging people to express themselves directly too?? I knew that corner had bad lighting since the light there died but I guess it was even better, it’s not gonna be glamorous so nahhh I don’t need the lighting. I just felt since I was expressing how I honestly felt in that short moment, the set-up had to reflect that too.


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