Self Portrait Work In Progress


Photos that didn’t make the cut

In the process of taking the photos for my final, I did not originally have the idea in mind yet. I started out by exploring the different angles and corners of my house that I found particularly attracted to.


However, these photos were not strong enough in representing that particular aesthetic and did not do much to add to my narrative. While they did carry the similar deliberate under-exposed dark look, they did not fit in with the rest of my photos in my final, hence I did not choose them.


I tried exploring views from outside my house but felt more strongly about the internal space, hence I decided to focus on the interior instead.


While I was particularly attracted to this photo at first, I decided to discard it later as I felt it was not strong enough for a final compared to some other shots.


This was when I tried capturing the dining area with the lights turned on. I ended up relying on natural lighting which better suited the aesthetic I was going for in the end.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 1.56.46 am

Once again, the shots above were interesting but did not contributed much to my narrative, hence I did not select them in the end.