POV final: I am a Buddhist

My POV finals clearly look quite inconsistent in terms of style but I guess the idea of playing with different perspectives of Buddhism is there…(I hope). While I initially wanted to follow and build on the cut-&-paste style from the previous project, I realised the style would not fit the concept for my POVs so I dropped it (for now heh). Tackling the topic of religion, a sensitive topic, calls for a more “de-personalised” style. In the sense, I wanted to remove the feeling of a personal style which might affect the way my works would be perceived. AKA if I did it in a cut & paste manner, it might unintentionally seem like I’m being very aggressive with my subject matter (and the thing is I kind of am but not with Buddhism but with some Buddhists) By going for a more general “advertising” (maybe?) style, I hope to be able to tone down the look a bit so that people can look at it in a more rational manner and I kinda wanted it to be somewhat subtle (like advertisements) even though the messages are pretty much the very opposite of subtle.

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