Consultations • & Feeling the emotions

Because I’m horrible at updating on my progress regularly… I should finally. Here’s a documentation of the past few weeks of work-in-progress in class.

WEEK 3: My lines were not doing too well… Even though I ended up with a stash of explorations (in particular mark making), I was unable to associate and match them with any of the emotions on a personal level. It was a struggle since I don’t usually express myself often.

I also realised that across the various art techniques I’ve tried, associating an emotion to the strip through means of drawing is easier for me as compared to mark making and the other techniques.

It was individual consultation week that day and I then voiced out these difficulties I faced to Joy. I kind of knew I wanted to do mark making  using potpourri or at least the idea of using objects from nature/made from nature since I liked those kind of stuff. But was unable to create a link to the emotions which was a crisis.

The consultation session helped aplenty. 🙂 Joy suggested that I could go about expressing the emotions through three different intensity levels based on the requirement that we were supposed to have 3 emotions each from the same category of primary emotions. The comfort levels of working with the various art techniques and medium.

For example the primary emotion, Love. Attraction (the simplest form of love to me) can be expressed through drawing (the technique I’m most comfortable with. Followed by Love (a neutral form) using both the mark making and drawing technique and lastly, Passion (which is like the most intense form of love) expressed through the technique I am most uncomfortable with which is mark making as I am unable to associate an emotion with the marks made.


An outline of the concept (IN DIAGRAM FORM)

The advice from Joy  made things so much clearer for me as I was terribly worried about not having say “an overall theme” per say for this assignment unlike my fellow peers who have their ‘BIG STORY’ that will be weaved/told across all their 18 lines of emotions.

MY IDEA: My expression of emotions on the strips would be more technique based rather than concept based and trying to keep things simple, I’ll be using chinese ink to create the marks, drawings and a mixture of both for my lines. The objects used would be items from or related to nature. No special paper would be used, just normal paper for simplicity. I think mine is focusing heavily on technique.

WEEK 4:  The week before submission. Things are slowly starting to take shape as I’ve locked down my concept and layout of the strips (how I want to present it on critique day). Yay 😀

We moved on to group consultations that lesson, where we shared with each other our work progress, ideas and problems we are facing with creating the lines so as to get constructive feedback and creative feedback from each other for improvement. It was a rather productive session as I continued to produce my lines of emotions in class.


A few more experiments.


An interesting tool (see above image) I chanced upon in the 2D lab while working on my lines A bunch of calligraphy brushes stuck together to form this one huge & broad brush. I used the back of the brush to create these hole patterns which I’ll be using in one of my 18 strips for submission.

Till then, back to the final stages of preparation work for Thursday’s submission! ??????

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