Hello My Name Is …

Charlotte 🙂 It’s back to the grind of conceptualisation and we’re greeted with our first project brief and an in-class assignment already, talk about uni life!

We had to introduce ourselves by coming up with 3 different Hello My Name Is… name tags with the drawing materials that we were asked to bring before class on Thursday.


If I knew we the colouring/painting/drawing materials we were asked to bring was for such an in-class exercise I would’ve brought more! No choice, I had to work with whatever I had. There was definitely a period of artist block for a while but alas I came up with my 3 name tags just in time for the sharing session.

To be very honest, I am pretty sure the ideas behind each of my name tag was only conceived as I was designing it but somehow they clicked. On hand I had markers and pens in my favourite colours plus colour pencils. So I started off by deciding to have the three name tags someone consistent in colour and it’s probably pretty obvious what my favourite colour is – Teal/Turquoise/Mint (along these lines)

#1: Hello My Name Is Charlotte


Story behind this first name tag… Over the holidays I got intrigued by the fine details of hand-lettering and decided to try my hand a little at it especially the letter shadowing bit. Something I’ve always been curious about and could never figure out without the help of the internet. So here’s my name in a handwritten, calligraphy style to reflect the story. Conclusion on my hand-lettering skills: Not there yet, needs way more practice.


#2: Hello My Name Is Charlotte


This second design was pretty much conceived from my favourite mediums and environment (nature). I love watercolours and nature and more often than not the combination you get out of these two are watercolour florals found mostly in hand-lettering border designs for cards, invitations, motivational quote designs etc.

Was trying to achieve the watercolour effect by blending colours and using really lightly coloured felt markers which helped create the translucent/transparent effect of watercolours.


#3: Hello My Name Is Charlotte


For the third and final name tag, it was really pure doodling, something I often find myself habitually doing and of late it’s always memphis inspired patterns or geometric shapes thus what you see in the above name tag; another of my favourite thing.

Well I guess one can conclude that my sharing was about a few of my favourite things 🙂


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