Process: Of Mark Making and Monoprinting

The first 2 to 3 weeks of the My Line Is Emo project was spent on exploring the possible techniques that I can apply for this project. We took the time in class to try out Monoprinting and was introduced to Mark Making as well.


Prior to 2D class, I had tried something similar to monoprinting before back in polytechnic for an Art & Design elective module. It was to create a linocut print. Whereas for mark making it was something entirely new to me and the fact that you can use almost just about anything and everything around to create marks… it was really fascinating.

But it’s also because of the endless possibilities of mark making that made it hard to narrow down to an overall concept for this project that required us to come up with 18 strips of different emotions.

Having chanced upon a bag of loose potpourri at home, I figured it’d be pretty cool to use the different textures of each potpourri piece to create various marks. Brought it to class the following week to experiment, and it worked! I got a variety of marks.Created some monoprints as well with loose materials found in the 2D studio.

Here are some pieces made from my mark marking and monoprinting exploration in class for the first 3 week and some of the objects I used to create the marks.


Exploration with chinese in and mark making tools

Exploration with chinese in and mark making tools.


First attempt at coming up with patterns/marks to associate with the meanings for the ‘My Line Is Emo’ project on the exercise template that was given to us.

This exercise template was then shared with Joy during our individual consultations, to get feedback and to figure out the correct direction for the project, decide what steps to take next.

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