Pattern: Swatches & Application

On to the final deliverable, the swatch book! As with any pattern project I struggled to come up with the pattern swatches for the book as you always need that one starting point/spark of idea (well for me at least). True enough, when I started on one more and more patterns came and it became like a churning factory haha. Even just changing the hue was considered as a swatch, the possibilities were endless and it was pretty fun process!

I eventually did about 22 variation of swatches for the submission and superimposing it onto several items/products for possible application visuals: (click on the images to view the swatches and application as an enlarged slideshow)



Tried out application in space too but I think my designs were more suitable for potential merchandising of apparels, bags, badges etc.

I kind of have the urge to translate them into actual products in the future if the opportunity arises; the superimposing/mock-up process was pretty tedious but fun!

Swatch Book

Here’s the final documentation of the big project that contains the banner, the swatches, application, everything you need to know about Dokkae-blin!


Final post coming up as a gallery series for an overview of the project (or if you wish to call it, a visual summary)
Thanks for sticking around 🙂

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