Process: Ego In Different Settings | The Making Of

I shan’t reveal much about the equations as I’m leaving that for the final OSS post where I’ll let you in on the full details on my overall concept for the project. ? Meanwhile, here are some quick snippets of The Making Of (title of project) haha. You’d probably figure it out anyway.

I was too engrossed while working on the compositions until I lost track of time and almost forgot to take shots of my progress. ? Before that, here are the digital “bases” for the compositions that I came up with for the respective equations.


And here are some of the behind-the-scenes work to get to the end product. Insane amount of hours spent on this. Some materials… (Only through this project that I realised how much art stash I have at home, it’s no joke).  Figured that it’d be apt to finally put them to good use.img_1371

img_1369  img_1372 img_1376 img_1378

The first two rows of compositions that I done up for our group consultations and to my surprise there were no issues about it, they went through! I was so worried that I would have to do them from scratch again if there were improvements to be made. As I only had one-off materials (I didn’t have backups they were all pretty much leftover materials collected and kept over the years) and also the cost of printing and time invested… It would’ve been terrible.


One more! Now let’s get down to the tiny details of this final project that I had tons of fun doing 🙂

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