Process: Forrest Gump | Consultations & Reasearch

So we went through the individual and group consultations the same as with the first project. Individual consultations with Joy was done the week before we exposed our screens for silkscreening and I’ve already came up with 3 designs by then. Unfortunately, the designs lacked a common theme. I was too fixated on re-interpreting the quotes that I didn’t realise. But somehow 2/3 of the designs that I’ve already come up were swaying towards the theme of patriotism, they were very Singapore contextualised.


“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” – Mulan (1998)

This is the very first composition that I came up with and Joy suggested for me to flip the direction of the bus in the composition such that all the elements are pointing at the flower. Making the flower the focus.


“I can taste so many flavours!” – Grave Of The Fireflies (1988)

For the above composition the only issue had was that the Singapore flag did not stand out and it looked a little cluttered and too flat (left). I did not know how to go about changing it but added some halftones to enhance the composition (right).

Later on during group consultations, I figured that I could make the flag the focal point of the composition as well which is the approach I took on later for the remaining two compositions for consistency and emphasis.

Throughout the project, I explored various techniques and was inspired by several art movements and artists – Dadaism and artist Hannah Hoch were my two main references for the project. In particular for the composition below that’s based on the quote: ““You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.” – Alice in Wonderland (2010) 

As I felt that a bitmap/image traced composition wouldn’t be able to bring out the word bonkers within the quote especially when there’s no colours, it felt a little too flat for me but applying these art styles helped.


“You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.” – Alice in Wonderland (2010)


Some works by Hannah Hoch and the Dadaism art movement

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Joy commented on how it was a good experimentation and since the compositions had to take an overall theme. We bounced off several ideas which was then evident in the composition I had for submission.You’ll get to see the final composition for this quote in my final post that’s coming up next. 🙂

She suggested the idea of parents sending their kids to various kinds of classes learning various skill sets at a young age so as not to lose out which is a crazy act in a sense but turns out it’s the best as their child will turn out smart.

So those were the 3 compositions I had as of then and it was slightly different for group consultations this time round. As it was conducted during the silkscreen workshop week, my group was the last to try out the full silkscreen process thus when it came to our group’s consultation we kind of ran out of time and within my group only a few of us got to share with the rest their ideas. For me it went back to pretty much a one-on-one consultation with Joy again because the rest of my members went to expose their screens as were running out of time haha :). But I managed to see my peers’ works and gave suggestions and input and they all had really interesting ideas.

More sharing to come in the final post, especially on the execution and ideas for these compositions. Stay tuned!  🙂

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