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Q1.What is your interpretation of the poem? What theme do you think Frost is addressing? What mood does the text evokes? It may help if you re-read the text and reflect.

The poem discusses the potential end of the world, either destroyed by fire or by ice. On a more metaphorical level, intense emotions are what will bring an end of mankind. Ice suggesting sharp coldness that bites at one’s skin represents the intensity of hatred, while fire being ferocious signifies desire and passion. Overall, there is high tension between the two contrasting elements. However, the poem ends without a conclusion of the initial discussion as Frost suggests that both fire and ice are equally capable of destroying the world.

Q2. Without being too literal, what are imagery will you use to express the theme and mood of the text? It may help if you start by working on small section of the text.

We will use water to express the theme and mood of the text. Water is expressive, full of potential and energy. A single drop of water may be insignificant, but a large body of water like a tsunami becomes undoubtedly powerful. Ways in which the water is manipulated creates different connotations to the image. For example in our series of images when water splashes are taken, it expresses the outburst of energy and when a water vortex is taken, there is a sense of chaos present.