Marking Emotions.

Being able to express our emotions through marks was something which never crossed my mind. For the first Foundation 2D class, we were tasked with our first project and this was when we were introduced to the term Mark Making.

My interpretation of Mark Making before searching up its meaning later that day was quite literally marks made by objects to create various textures/shapes/lines. I went home that day intrigued, and started to research further on Mark Making, browsing YouTube and Pinterest for inspiration.

Below are a few Mark Marking works and tools that I found interesting while researching online!

For example, this YouTube video I chanced upon introduced objects such as bottle caps, buttons etc. that you can find around your house to use as Mark Making tools.

The possibilities are endless! You can use almost anything and everything you find around you to create marks which was really fascinating.

I came across this site too, –  It shares some creative ways to do Mark Making.




An expression of the SAD emotion using different range of graphite pencils. Source:

Besides using various objects to create Mark Making tools, I feel that working on different surfaces and art techniques too can bring out a different feel and expression for an artwork.

I will be trying out various mediums and will be updating on my discoveries and progress subsequently across the weeks leading up to our project submission . 🙂

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