Assignment 2A

The following are my drawings:

These are images of my object:


For the weave assignment, my partner Jessie and I decided to split the work. She did the 2D pattern weave while I did the 3D pattern weave.The following are pictures of her weave:

This is a link to her work:

I was inspired to make a rattan hat so I did.

This is the process:

I started with a 4×4 criss-cross base to form the middle part of the base.

Using another long strip of rattan, I started to curl at the base to interlock the 4×4 together. It ties in as shown above.

The rest of the weave consist of splitting the 4 strands of rattans into individual strips. This part was quite difficult because of the stiffness of the rattan used despite soaking it. And because I was curling in a flat circular motion, the edges of the rattan was vary hard to curl.

After weaving the flat circular top, I weaved the rest in a curved circular motion to form the bowl part of the hat.

Because the rattan strips were not long enough to continuously weave, I had to use new strips by tucking in the ends into the hat. This resulted in some uneven weaves from the outside.

I continued the bowl weaves until it forms the top part of the hat.

After that, I continued with the flat circular weave again, which I then faced the same problems as when weaving the top part of the hat.





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  1. Ortho drawings

    – Looks fairly accurate. The joint details and difference in matte to shiny texture should be captured too

    – As stated in the assignment write-up. Drawings need to be scanned (not photographed) so that the drawing is accurately presented.


    – This is off. We will do more exercises in class.


    – Good job with the weaving of both the 2-D and 3-D patterns.

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