Final project concept



 Yi Ting,  Kamarulzaman, Josephine, Danning

The main concept of our group project is ‘face blur’ .

It’s like duplicating faces in a short time, like 1/5 sec duplicate one face. Then the faces will be overlapped on the previous ones.Faces are produced at certain intervals. The body is motionless, but the head needs to turn. So when the head moves, the computer will start to record and track the movement of the face.

The blur effect is similar to the video ‘Granular-synthesis-model-5‘ and ‘Seen‘.

But we have listed out the problems such as

-how to duplicate faces at certain intervals and keep overlapping on the previous face?

-once the face turns, how to continue to track the face in different angles?

-once the faces have been overlapped, how to make it decrease in opacity and diminish gradually?


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