Duprat’s Aquatic Caddis Fly Larvae


Created by French artist Hubert Duprat, these are aquatic caddis fly larvae, with cases incorporating gold, opal, and turquoise, among other materials. The professional knowledge of entomology of Duprat is essential and indispensable part of success of collaborative art work with nature.

3 thoughts on “Duprat’s Aquatic Caddis Fly Larvae

  1. This is animal cruelty! No just kidding, i guess insects are okay to use as artworks but not big animals like sharks and cow doesn’t it? I find it strange though. But Duprat’s work is very detail and i imagine executing this work would be a challenge for him.

  2. Good that you put in 5 tags, that will make it easier to retrieve this project when we start to look at all of them together. How about adding (obvious!) tags like: animal, jewel, gold, miniature… etc? what do you think?

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