Pitching ideas

1.Smart Phone Game

I want to create a smart phone game for iOS and Android. It’s a puzzle game builded in a tactile 3D world. It is similar as game ‘The Room” series. Player has to unlock the secrets of every object inside. It’s mysterious, challengeable but easy to get started.


2.Soft Toy Design Company

If I have up to 5 million dollars, I will start a business for a soft toy design company(i don’t have knowledge of business though..) . The soft toy is design for everyone who want to have a unique toy in the world. The soft toy is inspired by your own photos.So it will be designed according to your looking and appearance or even your posture. Our company will recycle your old unwanted soft toy to make a brand new one. Everyone can have your own soft toy and also can make one for your friends, families or lovers.


3.A Competition of Social Experiment (pair with Yiting)

Make a documentary for a competition about who can use money with 100 dollars in the most meaningful way. We will have 3 participant children that are from lower/middle/high class family respectively.

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