Infographic poster: #FLUSH _THE _FOMO


I have many concepts in one sketch. I will have to narrow down and clarify which is my concept.

Exploration of Title:

  • Don’t FOMO leh
  • Fear not to miss out
  • Don’t fear, Stay HAPPY
  • Crash the fear
  • Flush the fear
  • Flush the FOMO

Designs of the toilet paper:

Designs of Toliet Bowl:

Adding a “#” it is more relatable to social media.

Comments after the first critique:

  1. The information was too congested and everywhere
  2. Body text could be thinner
  3. Reduction of the word at the right-hand side of the poster
  4. Play with the header and body
  5. Use the blue colour as a header for the pointer
  6. Reorganised the layout of the graphic and body text

Final printed poster

  1. Include more breathing space with the pointers and the toilet bowl
  2. Reduce and space our the Icons
  3. Too many hands and it looks like it was blended in with the water
  4. The title should be thicker

Final Artwork 

Link To Actual PDF file:


Meaning each element:

Toilet bowl – Social media platform/ online chats

Toilet paper – Social media post or online chats

I want to create a concept of an everyday situation whereby everyone has to encounter. I use the example of going to the toilet flushing away the used toilet paper. In my Result, one of the top few results that I found out is that many people use their phone in the toilet.

After disposing of the toilet paper in the toilet bowl, it will not dissolve. Therefore, you could see a perfect toilet roll floating in the water. Meaning behind it: A post is unable to be removed once it has been posted up on social media as it has a record there. Therefore, I want to show a toilet perfect toilet paper floating at the surface of the water instead of dissolving into the water.

At the bottom of the toilet bowl, I want to show a person drowning. It shows that they could drown yourself through the usage of social media to the point that they will become Fear of missing out”FOMO”. Hence, they are unable to save themselves from it.


Task 1B Exploratory Research – Interviews


Create an awareness and encourage the public to motivate one another towards finding the Joy Of Missing Out  “JOMO”

(Main) To Educate the teens to be aware of the issue and start encouraging towards themselves and their peers leading them to feel the “JOMO” joy of missing out


Changing and improving the target audience’s mindset of the fear of missing out.


I want to create deliverables that are portable and user-friendly. The deliverables will be stored in a machine. It will be an interactive installation. This machine (e.g. ATM, Vending machine, washing machine or Toliet bowl) is designed in a way that will pique student body interest. This begins its journey of becoming every student “go to/ must use” item on their social media checklist. in student populated areas e.g. canteen makes it accessible to the target audience. This machine will store the deliverables and with a press of a button, the deliverable will drop out of the machine. A deliverable could be a phone case which quotes hypothetical questions or includes designs that allow the receiver to be aware that they are “FOMO”. As the receiver realise that they are “FOMO” they would be more self-conscious and learn ways to cope to be “JOMO”.


Primary Audience – Teachers, Peers and Parents

Secondary Audience – Public

Targeted Audience – Teens ( 13 to 20 years old)



  • In secondary school, they are allowed to use their phone in the canteen and front of teachers ( In the past/ generation, schools do not allow the student to bring their phone)
  • While I am eating my lunch in the secondary school canteen, many students will be playing with their phone after they have finished their lunch
  • Many people mention “FOMO” in their instant story as a form of sarcasm

I felt that many people use the word “FOMO” but do they really know what is the meaning and how it leads to being fearful of missing out.


1st Online Survey

Below is the link to the online survey:

Below is the link to the online survey results:

Total interviewee – 36 people 


  • The majority will use social media more often ( Instagram/ Youtube/ Twitter)

Hours spent

  • 3 to 9 hours daily

Situation while using Phone

  • Many people use their phone while taking public transport 
  • At home or outside, they will tend to use it In the toilet  
  • The phone is regularly used in Studying/ revision 
  • Nowadays many would use their phone while eating 

How do you feel when you are not scrolling on the phone?

  • Many of them felt bored because their phones are their only source of entertainment
  • Common feelings stated are panic, uneasiness, emptiness, tingling sensation to seek out for their phone
  • They tried to put away their phone to be more focused at work, however, they felt a need to be on a constant lookout for their text messages from friends/ family 
  • They felt a need to constantly check on the latest news and updates of their friend’s social life
  • They will feel lonely if the people around them are strangers 
  • They will find activities to occupy them when they do not have a phone with them

Face to Face Interview 

Total interviewee – 17 people 

Below is the link to the results/ summary/ insights of information from the Face to face Interview :

Image of results:

I printed out questions that I will ask the teens. I went to different schools to interview them. Targeted aged 13 to 20 years old.

This is the link to the result paper

Final Online Survey

Total interviewee – 20 people 

Below is the link to the online survey:

Below is the link to the online survey results:

After gathering the information from the first survey online and face to face interview. I then use the information I got and did a final survey.

I found out that there are some points on why Teens are feeling “FOMO”

  1. Toxic friendships 
  2. Competitiveness and addiction to online statues and social life
  3. comparing with each other on their life statues 
  4. Unsatisfied ( want to be included in everything, be “Pops” )
  5. Addiction on the social networking 


  1. No more face to face conversation
  2. Failed to discriminate what is important 
  3. No self-reflection in their social relationship
  4. Wrongly define what is a success (Getting approvable from the number of likes on social media )
  5. Create the best version of oneself online
  6. Sleep deprivation ( Staying up to reply and looking at other people Instagram)
  7. Could not control our usage of phone ( Check every few seconds)
  8. Instant update on social media 
  9. Adding stress to oneself
  10. Worrying about others than themselves 
  11. Instead of enjoying life, they tend to judge others when they are stalking people
  12. We tend to be very self cautious ( why he/she do not want to reply to his/her message)


I felt that I should make an informative poster to inform my targets audience about the issue. The poster will let them know the current result of someone who is feeling the fear of missing out. From there, they will be further improved from feeling “FOMO” with the package that I will provide them within my deliverables.