Infographic poster: #FLUSH _THE _FOMO


I have many concepts in one sketch. I will have to narrow down and clarify which is my concept.

Exploration of Title:

  • Don’t FOMO leh
  • Fear not to miss out
  • Don’t fear, Stay HAPPY
  • Crash the fear
  • Flush the fear
  • Flush the FOMO

Designs of the toilet paper:

Designs of Toliet Bowl:

Adding a “#” it is more relatable to social media.

Comments after the first critique:

  1. The information was too congested and everywhere
  2. Body text could be thinner
  3. Reduction of the word at the right-hand side of the poster
  4. Play with the header and body
  5. Use the blue colour as a header for the pointer
  6. Reorganised the layout of the graphic and body text

Final printed poster

  1. Include more breathing space with the pointers and the toilet bowl
  2. Reduce and space our the Icons
  3. Too many hands and it looks like it was blended in with the water
  4. The title should be thicker

Final Artwork 

Link To Actual PDF file:


Meaning each element:

Toilet bowl – Social media platform/ online chats

Toilet paper – Social media post or online chats

I want to create a concept of an everyday situation whereby everyone has to encounter. I use the example of going to the toilet flushing away the used toilet paper. In my Result, one of the top few results that I found out is that many people use their phone in the toilet.

After disposing of the toilet paper in the toilet bowl, it will not dissolve. Therefore, you could see a perfect toilet roll floating in the water. Meaning behind it: A post is unable to be removed once it has been posted up on social media as it has a record there. Therefore, I want to show a toilet perfect toilet paper floating at the surface of the water instead of dissolving into the water.

At the bottom of the toilet bowl, I want to show a person drowning. It shows that they could drown yourself through the usage of social media to the point that they will become Fear of missing out”FOMO”. Hence, they are unable to save themselves from it.