Hello, My Name Is…


  1. (assuming the blue colour is in place of yellow colour) The two jugs represents binge drinking, where it represents socialising. The waves represents Navy, which I have committed to sign on. The little circular patterns represents my interest in calligraphy and illustrations.
  2. A cluttered space filled with a chinese character from my name, shows that I cannot settle down with many ideas. The other colours represent the different interests I have picked up over the years.
  3. I’ve cut out a space, which is able to see through, shows that I am transparent and willing to share the knowledge that I have with my fellow peers. It shows that I am frank too, to speak up what’s on my mind.

Project 1 – Que Sera (Research)

In this project, we are to create Typography graphics using part of our names to illustrate our future jobs. Hence, we have to come up with the concepts for typefaces and letter forms.

The names/nicknames that I will be using are: Gerald, Gerald Chua, GC, JJ.

The jobs that I wish to pursue: Animation curator, Naval Officer, Hair Dresser and Backpacker.

The following are the artists that I have researched for visual reference.

Artem Sukhinin


Friendly Robot

Woody Pirtle

Jenifer Blanco Monzon


Budi Kwan

Monique Goossens

Peter Saville

Ivan Capote

Dario Devic

Like Minded Studio

Jon Contino

Stas Gotsulyak


Marion Luttenberger

Alessio Joseph

Melanie Burk

Sabeena Karnik

Challenging Assumptions

To convey intended message to audience and challenge the social stigma towards selected occupations.

Animation Curator:

  1. To produce films that appeal more to teenagers and adults, rather than focusing on kids
  2. Singaporeans are afraid to explore, pursue their dreams thus the industry is still small in Singapore

Naval Officer:

  1. Not all naval personnel are divers
  2. Not all naval officers work in a submarine
  3. Working in the government sector not necessarily secure a stable income


  1. Not all male hairdressers are flamboyant
  2. Not all hairdressers are drop-out students


  1. Senior Citizens are still fit and able to backpack
  2. Parents doesn’t like their kids to explore around the world when they are young. They think that they should save up for Mortgage