Hanging Heavy On My Eyes by Ang Song Nian

Hanging Heavy On My Eyes_01       Hanging Heavy On My Eyes_02

September 2015                                                                     October 2015

Song Nian, A. (Photographer). (2015). Hanging Heavy On My Eyes [Photograph], Retrieved from http://www.2902gallery.com/index.php/series/hanging-heavy-on-my-eyes/

Gerald Chua

Preliminary Reading

Ang Song Nian’s artwork focuses on Haze, which consists of a series of photographs with different shades of grey. It shows Singapore’s air condition due to haze from September to October 2015. He presents his photos in a calendar format to document the daily haze condition in Singapore. From the gradient of each photograph, I could infer that the photographs were probably taken from dawn to daylight, representing the perpetual situation he faces every morning. His concept of documentation effectively highlights Singapore’s prevalent issue of haze.

Secondary Reading

In comparison with his other works, there are some similarities and differences. Ang Song Nian’s works focus on environmental issues and the relationship between Human and Nature. “Hanging Heavy On My Eyes” is an abstract approach while his other works are more figurative. In his other works, the audience is able to get the information directly from the physical subjects in the photograph. On the other hand, “Hanging Heavy On My Eyes” is not as straightforward as his other works, which made it possible to engage the viewer to think deeper, and thus, understands his intention after multiple layers of questions.