Project 02: Curvilinear Volumes Progress

In this assignment, we deal with curvilinear volumes – Cone, Cylinder and Sphere. In contrast with the previous assignment, we have to construct our models with interesting form and keeping in mind that they should not be perpendicular to each other.

Model 1

Model 1_2D_02-01Model 01


Model 2

Model 2_2D_02-01Model 02

Model 3  


Model 3_2D_02-01Model 03

One thought on “Project 02: Curvilinear Volumes Progress”

  1. Thank you Gerald for the clear layout and 2D Sketch Analysis. 🙂 The improved version of Model 1 also looked rather interesting with potential for Final Model development. I guess the challenge with this configuration is to ensure that the SO Sphere is viewable from all angles. I do like the idea of the SD Cylinder balancing ‘precariously’ on the SO Sphere though… some suspense there…

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