Foundation 2D: Neighbourhood Explorer Zine (Process and Final)

Concept After initial research of Hougang (which can be seen in the two links below), I originally planned to focus on food for my zine cos I figured I might as well enjoy good food while doing work, eh? Then I realised that it’s a really common and boring topic. Inspiration came in a really unexpected form -Instagram, more specifically, SGAG.… Read more →

Foundation 4D II: Project 3 – Time, Space & Body (Research)

When I began my search on controversial video installations, the first few works that were mentioned were gory or bloody and I really didn’t fancy watching videos like that. So, the search for controversial videos that wouldn’t scare me half to death or make me lose my appetite for dinner began.   Installation work for “Berlin Leuchtet” festival by RE:SORB art group… Read more →

Foundation 2D II: Neighbourhood Explorer Research (Final)

Concept There were so many different types of infographics on Pinterest and I liked many of them, but I was particularly drawn to a rather simple looking one which combined photographs with illustrations. I’ve always wanted to try drawing stuff onto a photograph, so I figured I’d try that out for this project. I wanted to do a brief summary… Read more →

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