Foundation 4D II: Project 3 – Time, Space & Body

  “Journey” by Zerline, Jaime and Celine   Project Proposal   Based on the theme of isolation, our project will be a sound and video installation spanning across the narrow corridor with a dead end on Level 2, near the handicap toilet, to the staircase that is connected to it.   We will be placing two speakers along the corridor and… Read more →

Foundation 4D II: Project 3 – Time, Space & Body (Research)

When I began my search on controversial video installations, the first few works that were mentioned were gory or bloody and I really didn’t fancy watching videos like that. So, the search for controversial videos that wouldn’t scare me half to death or make me lose my appetite for dinner began.   Installation work for “Berlin Leuchtet” festival by RE:SORB art group… Read more →

Foundation 4D II: Project 2 – Soundscape

Artist Statement I woke up one morning to the gentle and calming sound of rain and I thought, I miss reading on a quiet rainy day. And that’s how my soundscape came to life. The beginning isn’t too noisy, with just the rain and the sound of the fan, but slowly, other noises begin to join in until it becomes too much… Read more →

Foundation 2D II: Que Sera Sera (Final Pieces)

Concept When I first received this project, I was pretty excited because typography. It always seemed cool and I’ve always wanted to try my hand at it. So I spent a long, long time on Pinterest looking at all the cool types of typography that I could possibly do. Everything was so neat, so smart, so beautiful, I was thrilled to represent… Read more →

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