Foundation 4D: Mise en scène

“The sad thing is,” Kirkup said, “Suicide doesn’t end the pain. It just passes it on to someone else.”

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Six Lines:

1. Would you come to my funeral?

2. I don’t understand.

3. I thought I could die, but I was wrong.

4. So I must find another way to make things right.

5. Who are you?

6. Just someone on a journey, like you.


For this film, I was somewhat influenced by visual novel games. In some of the games, they would hide the main character’s face so that it can represent all the different people who are playing it. So I did the same and intentionally hid the main character’s face to show that she can be anyone and the same thing can easily happen you. I made the colours of the film colder to fit the mood and I gradually decreased the coldness throughout because the ending is not a sad one.

The difficult part for this film was trying to make it seem like there’re two Jaimes. I had to use Jess as her body double and I had to frame the shot correctly so that the viewers can’t see that Jaime is touching her own cheek. (But it was pretty fun watching her do that. HAHAHA.) Anyway, it was my first time playing around with body doubles and I had fun doing it. It’s also been a while since I last worked on a film with actors other than myself, so it was pretty tricky getting them to act the way I pictured in my mind, but I enjoyed myself anyway. Hahaha. And my actors were really nice and willing to oblige when I wanted to reshoot a scene more than once. But as always, I preferred editing over shooting, since I don’t need to command other people to do things while editing. HAHA. Now, hopefully I get into film. I can’t wait to work on more videos. :3

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