Foundation 4D: Project 1b (Sequential Imaging)

Continuing from the previous part of the project, we had to develop our stories and create a trailer sequence/story board for it in 5 images.

The story starts when Frey and her friends escape from the research facility.


They manage to escape into the woods surrounding the facility, but one by one, the scientists catch up with them and take them down. Eventually, only Frey makes it out of the woods and into an open area. This is when she gets struck by lightning.


By some miracle, Frey survives. And not only does she obtain scars, she also gains the ability to conduct electricity.


With the discovery of her new powers, she is determined to get revenge for her friends and take down the entire research facility. As she goes on her quest, she realises that she is not the only one with this goal.


Frey and the other human experiments who have successfully escaped share heartfelt stories of how they lost their friends to the scientists. They form a group and train tirelessly to take down all the facilities once and for all. The scientists were looking for a superior race, right? Well, they’ll show ’em what this superior race is truly capable of.


Will they come out victorious or will they fail and disappear as if they had never ever existed in the first place? It’s a secret. 🙂

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