Courses & Projects

Example OSS Courses:

Internet Art & Culture (2015)

Instructor: Randall Packer

Internet Art & Culture is an immersive online experience that engages students in networked studio practice and collaborative study. The course focuses on the integration of social media and contemporary Internet practices into the studio experience, providing students with a critical understanding of the dissolving boundaries between contemporary media art, telecommunications, and global information culture. The course includes: readings by media critics, historians and scholars on the impact of the Internet on society and the individual; the critique of online artworks by contemporary artists; and critical writing focusing on a broad range of historical, theoretic, aesthetic, and technological topics pertaining to Internet art and culture. Each student is required to complete a series of micro-projects, as well as a final project, which employ the network as a medium for artistic creation.

Media & Performance (2015)

Instructor: Randall Packer

Media & Performance explores emerging forms of experimental performance practices and audio-visual art that engage live media. There will be a historical overview of performance dating back to the 1960s through an intensive study of seminal projects by pioneering artists involved in Happenings, electronic theater, laptop performance and other multimedia forms. Students will create performance works for both physical and online spaces. The objective of the course is to investigate critical concepts and fundamental artistic concerns inherent in live media and its use in performance through readings, lectures, and the critique of related artworks, and apply these concepts to the creation of new work.

The Webcam: special emphasis this semester will be placed on the use of the Webcam as an instrument and tool for performance, media production, and communications. Each project will explore the use of the Webcam in various ways, such that students will critically re-examine this common audio-visual device and how it plays an important role in our everyday life of media & communications in new, meaningful ways.

Thinking and Communicating Visually (2015)

Instructor: Joan Marie Kelly

Art in the Age of Colonialism (2015)

Instructor: Sujatha Arundathi

2D Foundation (2015)

Instructor: Ina Conradi Chavez

Technology Art in Fashion (2015-16)

Instructor: Galina Mihaleva

Product Design Final Year Projects (FYP) (2015-16)

Instructor: Fabrizio Galli

 Visual Communication Final Year Projects (FYP) (2015-16)

Instructor: Astrid Almkhlaafy