INT2 EM3: Vejee

Another interesting project!

We get to be VJ/DJs of our own. At first it was a little overwhelming as there seems to be a lot of parts, but once I opened everything and looked at the sections one by one, I slowly understood what each part was meant for. With the Max help, I could also understand how to navigate the playlist.

I changed the motion region to 6 smaller boxes in the middle, and adjusted the patch to accommodate the 6 sounds I wanted to use. At times, I find that the patch is not working and while the motion regions seem to light up, no sounds were coming out at all.

After looking at my friends’ patches on OSS, I realised that I needed to add the rStep accordingly as the ones detected were only the first 2. However, even after doing this, there were still no sound produced.

After examining all the other options, I realised that I only needed to adjust the s TrigSound numbers according to what I have on the [PlaySound].

Here is the final product!